The Skeff Whiskey Club 3 Month Subscription Box

The Skeff Whiskey Club 3 Month Subscription Box

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Enjoy 3 Months of Whiskey Exploration with Whiskey Tasters & Interactive Zoom Tasting Session with The Skeff's Whiskey Expert. 

We will take you on a journey of exploration and learning, 

  • How to Taste Whiskey 
  • Introduction to Flavour & Notes
  • Explore Different Styles of Irish Whiskey
  • Learn about the history & evolution of Irish Whiskey 
  • Start Your Whiskey Journey

Month 1 Includes: 

  • Whiskey Glass
  • Whiskey Journal
  • 3 50ml Whiskey Tasters - Explore 'The Spot' Range - Spot Whiskey from Mitchel & Sons is the perfect introduction for anyone stepping to the world of Irish Whiskey, considered one of the best Irish drops among whiskey drinkers, Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey has had some famous fans down through the years, with infamous Irish Playwright and author Samuel Beckett. 

Month 2 Includes: 

  • 3 50ml Whiskey Tasters - It's A Surprise - The beauty of exploring Irish Whiskey is you never know what stories or tales you might find behind some of the best known Whiskeys, join us for a special evening experiencing the people and places along with some amazing Irish Whiskey.

Month 3 Includes: 

  • 3 50ml Whiskey Tasters - Explore Powers Range - Powers Whiskey, established in 1791, has been one of the true pillars of Irish Whiskey for many generations, much loved by Irish Whiskey drinkers the world over, it’s famous ‘Gold Label’ has often been described as ‘The Irish Whiskey, for Irish Whiskey Drinkers’, and rightfully so!